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Here’s what some people have said about Martycultural Art:

“Love your work! Joyful, colorful.” — Denise M.


“Wow! I love the variation and ‘unusualness’ of your work.” — Caroline M.


“Very enjoyable! A gift that would keep on giving!” –Pauline (Victoria, BC, Canada)


“Lots of fun and beautifully done, wonky, colourful, my favourite paintings since I’ve been coming here for five years.” –Linda A.


“Love the paintings!” –Anonymous (Saskatchewan, Canada)


“Fun stuff! Love the frames! Bulgy and happy” –Anonymous (Sooke, BC, Canada)


“I have seen your work in Cadence in Calgary and appreciate very much what you do. You have a special gift.” — David C. (Weyburn, SK)


“Hi! I have seen your art up around town in Calgary a lot. I wanted to tell you, great work! My fave’s are the nature paintings. I really like the brightness and boldness of your paintings… You have fans! Keep it up. Thank you.” — Andrea (Calgary, AB)


“Your art seems like it is created from imagination and feelings. I would say that you are doing it successfully.” — Rhea D. (Calgary, AB)


“First of all I have to say that I’ve been an instant fan of your work, since I originally saw it on display at Central Blends cafe on 19th St. NW! I am in no way an artist and am fussy with what I like, there’s not a whole lot that really catches my eye or grabs me and I was pleasantly surprised to see your original work and style! LOVE IT!!! (In pretty much every aspect, I would hug it if I could)” — Leanne T. (Calgary, AB)


“Wow. I admire what you do a lot… One artist to another; your stuff is awe-inspiring. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I like in the world of art anymore, but your colours and contours and unique take on the everyday reminded me of what I like about art–and what I am inclined towards myself when I paint.

Anyway… I hope you continue with your passions and painting! Thanks for opening my mind to something new in the art world when all I thought I was out to get was a walk and a cup of java.” — Robyn H. (Vernon, BC)


“I love the [Cabin at Big Heffley Lake] painting. You managed to capture one of my favorite places from a significant time in my life better than the few photos I have of it. I was astonished to see it when [my husband] gave it to me:) The cabin was torn down a couple of years ago and I love that I can re-visit the feeling of that place every morning when I see the painting on my bedroom wall. Thank you so much for your creativity and vision.” — Michelle R. (Calgary, AB)


“Your work is visually fascinating. Artistically, I am most of all a musician and have very specific visual art tastes – so it might be bold of me to offer my impressions, but to me your work could be described as “Escher meets Heronymous Bosch at the Dahli Colour Cafe… with a backward nod to Roy Lichtenstein.” Oh, plus a bit of Michael Whelan with the sci-fi filtered out. But most of all it is original and brilliantly done, from the glow of the colour to the rebirthing of geometrical forms we take for granted in our daily lives.” — Linda M. (Sherwood Park, AB)


“I saw your work at Illusions tonight – it was amazing!! If you had a fan page on here [Facebook] I’d join it… I really do think your concept is awesome. Love your work! Keep it up!” — Tracy K. (Victoria, BC)


“After looking at your website I must say how much I am enchanted by your paintings…  I hope you don’t mind but a few of your buildings look, to my imaginative eye, like bent Utrillo’s, and I am thrilled.  Bits of Van Gogh‘s saggy wooden and reed chairs and the occasional angle in a Samuel Palmer hermitage – well, all of this came to mind. I am sure there are Czech artist influences but I am only an amateur art history enthusiast.  I wish you well in your recent shows.” —Heather M. (Victoria, BC)


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