I was born and raised in the Czech Republic in perhaps the most beautiful city, Prague. Rich with architecture from so many different historical periods, Prague is a never-ending source of inspiration for me.

Architecture has been my main focus since 1993, after I graduated from my studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in Calgary. With my architectural drawings and renderings, I came to pride myself on precision and perfection when representing the crisp lines and perspectives of various types of buildings. I spent several years working for architects developing my style.

My focus moved from drawings to paintings in 2002, and with this shift came a new style that was more in line with my outlook on life. Now I rely on my architectural background as well as on my strong drawing skills to bring my paintings to life, as if to give them a sculptural presence in a two dimensional form. The fluid, soft lines of my paintings mimic natural gestures and subtle movement, yet craftsmanship and attention to detail are never sacrificed in order to attain an organic texture. The buildings I portray can still be recognized for what they are, but through my paintings, they gain a fresh new type of energy, and they are often then seen and appreciated in a different light by the people who pass by them every day.

To achieve the desired feelings of joyfulness, playfulness, and abundance in my artwork, many important aspects of nature are integrated into my paintings such as color, form, light and shadows, and their respective effects on shape. Furthermore, I try to incorporate many natural elements such as trees, shrubs, snow, and various times of day and seasons into my representations. I strongly believe that Nature is the greatest artist and that we have much to appreciate and learn from her.

My paintings express our ever-changing views of our surroundings. As well, much like nature, whose magnificence is accessible to everyone, my artwork raises awareness of the beauty of our own surroundings in a way that anyone can appreciate. I take notice of the man-made world and the natural world we live in and try to express the harmony in both worlds as one, where imperfections are accepted and are so often, the most beautiful and memorable parts of our existences.

Additional Information:

My work has been featured in many venues in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, New York City, and Scottsdale, Arizona. I have received media exposure on the A-Channel’s “Big Breakfast” program and in the Oak Bay Newspaper, and my artwork has also been discussed on the CKUA radio network in Alberta. In addition to being held in numerous North American, European, and South African private collections, my work is also featured in some corporate collections such as the Lazy Loaf and Kettle; the Cookbook Co. Cooks; the Dobbin Group; Cadence Coffee; Bow Cycle; and various Medicine Shoppe franchises.

Martin Machacek marty@martycultural.com


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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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