Navigator Doppelbock In Stores Now

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to announce that the new specialty brew from Lighthouse Brewing Company– Navigator Doppelbock– is now available in select private liquor stores in Victoria, Vancouver, and across Vancouver Island. As I mentioned in my last post, Lighthouse offered me the opportunity to design the label for this beer, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the chance to do something a little different with my artwork.

Posing with my artwork and one of the freshly-filled beer bottles at Lighthouse Brewery yesterday. As the "Small Brewery- Big Flavour" series continues to grow, the brewery will amass quite the collection of original artwork from local artists!

(If you look closely in the label background, you might recognize an actual nautical chart from the Oak Bay area.)

Yesterday, I was able to go to the brewery and see the bottles being filled and prepped for shipment to the liquor stores. (Yes– they are in the stores already and they were only filled yesterday morning!) It was pretty surreal to see all of the bottles (5000 in total) moving along the conveyor belts– all of them with my design on them! The team at Lighthouse was very excited yesterday as well. They are truly passionate about crafting specialty beers and also about supporting local artists in the process.

This machine slowly fills 50 bottles at a time. Once they are filled close to the top, they are machine-capped and sent to a different part of the conveyor belt to be cased.

Navigator Doppelbock on the conveyor belt

I had my first taste of the Doppelbock this evening after a long day of work, and I was happily surprised to discover that it tastes very similar to a Czech beer- delicious! Feedback on the beer so far has been extremely positive, so don’t wait too long to pick some up for yourself. Enjoy!


Thanks again to Lighthouse Brewery for this amazing opportunity!


~ by martycultural on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Navigator Doppelbock In Stores Now”

  1. very cool! Dana

    • Thanks, Dana– that’s my wife’s name as well! 🙂 I really enjoyed creating the artwork for the beer label and hope to be able to do similar projects in the future.
      Thanks for stopping by,

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