Blue Bridge Art Show Opens November 12th

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to announce that my painting of the Johnson Street Bridge will be included in the upcoming Blue Bridge Art Show, which has been organized by Timed to precede the upcoming referendum in Victoria, in which citizens will be asked whether they support the city borrowing over $49 million to replace Big Blue, the show will feature Blue Bridge artwork in a variety of media and will run from November 12th to 20th.

Image copyright Martin Machacek 2010

My original painting will be on display; however (as most of you are aware) it will not be offered for sale. For those of you who are interested in owning a full-sized reproduction of my painting, a limited number of giclées on canvas have been produced and will be available for purchase through the Blue Bridge exhibition. Full details about the available sizes and respective prices can be found on my main website here.

I have been looking forward to this event for what feels like a long time, and I’m curious and excited to see what sorts of art pieces will be at the exhibition. The Bridge is a natural conversation piece– for people who love it or hate it– and I can’t wait to see other artists’ interpretations of it!

The art show opens on Friday, November 12th at 7 pm and takes place at Studio 16 & 1/2 in Fan Tan Alley (between Fisgard Street and Pandora Avenue). I invite you to come to the opening event and mingle with the artists; otherwise, the show runs in Studio 16 1/2 until Saturday, November 20th. You can RSVP directly for the opening night through Facebook here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

— Marty


~ by martycultural on October 31, 2010.

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