Kunamokst Mural Mosaic Now On Display in Victoria

After spending a month in Vancouver during the Olympic Winter Games, the Kunamokst Mural Mosaic has now been moved to the Victoria International Airport, where it will be on display as a special art exhibition until June 17, 2010. After this exhibition, the mural will be installed permanently at the Oceanfront Inn & Spa on Galiano Island, B.C.

Signing a limited edition print of the mural

I am excited that people local to (or visiting!) Victoria now have the opportunity to see this incredible mural in person. Although the website for the mural mosaics is wonderfully comprehensive, there is really something to be said for seeing the mural in real life. The size and scope of the mural is truly breathtaking!

The Kunamokst Mural Mosaic is on display in the Domestic Baggage Claim area of the Victoria airport, located at 201-1640 Electra Blvd in Sidney (just north of Victoria). Visitors are able to view the mural there from 5 pm until midnight every day until June 17th. (Prints of the mural are also available to purchase in the Airport Giftshop.)

Once again, my panel is #102, located on the back of the mother orca (near the tail). I encourage everybody to see the mural while it is on display here if they can!



~ by martycultural on May 17, 2010.

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