What’s New In 2010

This post is long overdue- happy new year! 🙂

I have been completely absorbed in painting my way through my commissions queue lately. I am hoping to wrap them all up within the next few weeks, leaving me a couple of months still to work on some new pieces for the upcoming Harbour season. (As usual, I have a very long list of things that I am inspired to paint, and it will be impossible to have them all completed in such a short time frame. I will need a lifetime!)

One of the homes I painted this winter. Image copyright Martin Machacek 2009

Weather permitting, I will be returning to Victoria’s Inner Harbour in mid-April. Due to the busy-ness of the summer season, I will not be able to work on any commissioned pieces again until mid-autumn. Although it seems a bit silly to start thinking about the holiday season now (we just came out of the holidays!), I would ask you to plan well in advance if you are considering having a commissioned painting done in time for Christmas.

In other news, my display at the Moka House in Cook Street was extended for a month, meaning that it is now scheduled to come down this Sunday, January 31st. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to view the pieces and to those who met with me personally at Moka during the past two months! I am grateful for all your support.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and best wishes to everyone for the new year!



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