New Posters Available

I am pleased to announce that a brand new series of standard 12″ x 16″ posters is now available for sale! These 7 new poster images are unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, these posters all feature Calgary-based locations and help round out my existing selection of Victoria locales. More importantly, these new poster series are all limited editions and come individually signed and numbered.  All of my posters can be viewed and purchased through my website here. Also, for those of you who live in Calgary, please read on for more information about where to purchase these new posters directly!

Bow Cycle

Limited Edition series of 250

Available for sale (unframed) at Bow Cycle: 6524 Bowness Road NW

$20 each

Kensington Pub

Limited Edition Series of 250

Available for sale (unframed) at Kensington Pub: 207 10A Street NW

$20 each

Cadence Coffee (triptych) (Image 3 of 3 shown above)

Limited Edition Series of 500 each

Available for sale (unframed or framed) at Cadence Coffee: 6407 Bowness Road NW

$20 each unframed, $50 each framed

Also available from Cadence Coffee (in limited quantities for the time being) are the following new poster images:


~ by martycultural on November 29, 2009.

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