Launch of the 2009 Vital Signs Report

I am proud to be included in the 4th Annual Vital Signs Report, released today by the Victoria Foundation!

Vital Signs002

House 1595 painting, on p. 22 of this year's Vital Signs Report

The Vital Signs report measures and grades Greater Victoria in a number of key areas every year, including Health, Environment, and Economy. The report helps to highlight the issues of the local community and, ultimately, to steer philanthropists and other policy-makers in the direction where need is the greatest.

This year, the Foundation decided to feature local artists in the report for each of the key indicators. A diverse group of artists was selected to represent all eleven indicators (one artist per indicator), and each artist was photographed holding one of their original pieces of artwork. The photos have been artfully arranged in the final report, and I think they really complement the survey findings. Kudos to the Victoria Foundation for their creativity and support of local artists!

My artwork was chosen to represent the section on Housing. Unfortunately, Victoria only received a ‘C-‘ grade in this area, not to mention a few ‘D+’s for some of the sub-indicators. Overall, Housing was the indicator with the lowest grade in the Vital Signs Report, pointing to a real need for more concentrated philanthropy and resources in this area.  The full report, including the photos of local artists, can be viewed as a pdf here.


~ by martycultural on October 6, 2009.

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