Kunamokst Mural Mosaic, Part I

A number of you will already be familiar with the breathtaking Mural Mosaics, designed by Lewis Lavoie and created by hundreds of fine artists in collaboration.

The idea behind these murals is both simple and groundbreaking: one large image is conceptualized and painted roughly onto a large mural surface. The surface is then divided into hundreds of 12″ x 12″ panels, which are given one at a time to fine artists and used as canvases for unique pieces of artwork. The catch? None of the participating artists know what the final image will be. Each artist essentially uses the colours and (largely indistinguishable) shapes on their panel as foundations for an individual piece of their own. It is only when the hundreds of finished panels are re-assembled together that the overall picture becomes clear.

A number of incredible mural mosaics have already been created. The large images range from Noah’s Ark to horses to kings to Remembrance Day tributes. Through the project’s interactive website, each mural can be searched by panel. It is truly mind-boggling to see how each artist used their respective panel to create something entirely unique yet connected to the theme as a whole.

In any case, I am beyond thrilled to be participating in the one of the next mural mosaic projects, which is entitled Kunamokst or West Coast Inspirations. I was approached by the producer, Phil Allain, while down at the Harbour this summer and have since selected and been shipped my panel (#102, for those of you checking out the active grid!).

I will be using the next few weeks to design and paint my panel, and once I have shipped it back it will be added to the active grid. Stay tuned to my blog to see the work in progress!


~ by martycultural on September 14, 2009.

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