Now On Display in Campbell River

Ten limited edition giclées of mine are now on display in the village at Willow Point in Campbell River, B.C.! I am pleased to announce that the Serious Coffee at Willow Point will be hosting my artwork for the next 2-3 months.

Paintings can take on a whole new look and feeling, depending on where they are featured or showcased. Although my paintings work well on most shades of walls or backgrounds (white, neutral-tones, and coloured walls), I have always felt personally that they looked the best on brightly and richly coloured walls.

For the first time, my artwork is being displayed on bright orange walls at the Serious Coffee in Campbell River, and I am tremendously pleased with the way the oranges, yellows, and peach colours in the pieces pop out against that shade of backdrop! It is incredible to see how different features of each painting get highlighted on different colours of walls.

If you live in Campbell River or happen to be visiting central Vancouver Island (it is stunning in autumn!), please stop by the Serious Coffee and check out the new display!

Kamennie Schodki, the green-framed painting on the far right, looks absolutely amazing on those bright orange walls!


~ by martycultural on October 26, 2008.

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